Dick Grecni – AP’s Little All-American

Uncle Dick 8x10



Randy Corn Shannon Makup 8x10

Model/Actress Shannon Moore – Woman of a Thousand Faces – Prepares for her morning workout.

Randy Corn Shannon Kitchen Window 8x10

Model/Actress Shannon Moore as seen through the Kitchen Window.
2018 Kitchen Window Series – Shannon

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 11.39.04 AM

Shannon is ready for a challenge.

Ninja Shannon

Shannon has a knack for the collapsible Bo Staff.

Randy Corn Shannon Rey Pogo Stick 8x10

Ninja or Jedi, Shannon stands her ground with a pogo staff.

Randy Corn Shannon Nunchucks 8x10

Shannon practices with her custom made Dragon Nunchucks.

Randy Corn Shannon Punching Bag 8x10

Shannon works up a sweat with the punching bag. Pow!

Shannon includes shooting hoops in her training.

Shannon Moore – Glamour Model

Randy Corn Shannon Sharpening Sword 8x10

Shannon sharpeing her sword, just in case.

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Disney Movie Reward DMR Dumbo Plush – NEW! RARE!

Randy Corn Shannon lava lamp 8x10

Shannon is a Goovy chic, man. Love the retro lave lamp, man.

Randy Corn Shannon and Randy

Shannon Moore and Photographer Randy Corn

Shannon Working out.