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Action! On the Set of “Time Out of Time”

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Written and Photographed By – Randy Corn

Randall Photography

On Satuday July 7th I was transported to a movie set at Leo’s Italian Grill in Palm Harbor, FL. 

Leos Italian Grill

Leos Italian Grill 2

The producion – Time Out of Time (2018) was written and directed by Chuck Durbin.

IMDB Synpopsis: Dr. George Von Hammond creates a time displacement that allows him to travel back in time. Everyone wants to get their hands on it, so he travels in time trying to hide. But he’s being chased there too.

-David Vogel 4

Left:  Chuck Durbin goes over the next scene with veteran actor David Vogel.

Chuck Durbin

Director Chuck Durbin, “Action!”

On the set Time Out of Time

I was invited to help out as a sound tech. Cool! hal-icon

Leo Karruli

Leo was nice enough to help Ivan out. The panels were needed to block the light for the bar scene.

Leo Karruli sign

Leo is running for State Senate District 16. 

Leo Karruli 2

Leo works while Chuck gets ready to direct the next scene.

Chuck Durbin on the set

Director Chuck Durbin discusses the script with actress Heather Johannesen as cinematographer John Durbin prepares for the shoot. 

-Heather Johannesen 4

Amber-Kelsey, Tom Ferraro, and Heather Johannesen starring in Time Out of Time.
-Heather Johannesen 2
Clint Alexander 3
Actor Clint Alexander
Clint Alexander 2
Clint Alexander and Eddie Baltodano

This blog is still being updated. Stay tuned for more photographs and video.

A 4th of July Walk in Clearwater

Studying Joel Meyerowitz’s photography incited my street curiosity. A casual walk around my neighborhood in search of new photographs that document life in Clearwater, Florida on July 4, 2018.

Clearwater Neighborhood Life Series

Clearwater 4th of July-1.jpg

The curious come out to see the photographer. I wave, smile and move on.

Clearwater 4th of July-3

It’s a nice day for walking the dogs.

Clearwater 4th of July-4

I found many neighbors displaying the flag today.

Clearwater 4th of July-5

Speed Humps. It’s a good thing I’m walking. 

Clearwater 4th of July-7

Summer fun as a kid.

Clearwater 4th of July-8

Nothing like a water plaything making a day of summertime fun. 

Clearwater 4th of July-9

A big shade tree.

Clearwater 4th of July-2

More Speed Humps.

Clearwater 4th of July-10

A green fence.

Clearwater 4th of July-11

Up close.

Clearwater 4th of July-12

Makes me sweat just watching them do yard work in the heat of the day. 

Clearwater 4th of July-13

Red, white clouds and a blue sky for the stars and stripes. 

Clearwater 4th of July-16

Neighbors show their patriotism. 

Clearwater 4th of July-15

The Stars and stripes waving in the summer breeze.

Clearwater 4th of July-18

The Flag of the United States of America flying in Clearwater, Florida on July 4, 2018.

Clearwater 4th of July-20

Bird on a wire.

Take to the streets and learn photography from Joel Meyerowitz himself with his Master Photography course.

Joel Meyerowitz’s Street Photography Course

Florida Christmas

Celebrating Christmas in Clearwater, Florida is a holiday treat. The holiday is usually celebrated with warm weather and sunny days with deep blue skies.

Florida Christmas

Photograph 1:  Florida Christmas – A neighbor shows their Christmas spirit.


Photograph 2: Florida Palm Tree – A Florida palm tree reaching for the vast blue sky.

Clearwater Creek

Photograph 3: Clearwater Creek – Clearwater Creek flows through the urban terrain.


Photography 4: Bush – A bush grows in the midst of civilization.

Leaf Spider Web

Photograph 5: Hangin Around – A leaf floats through the air with the help of nature’s web.

Tear Drops

Photograph 6: Tear Drops – Instead of mistletoe Tear Drops blossom on the front porch.

Florida Christmas neighbor

Photograph 7: Neighbor in Florida getting into the Christmas spirit.

Kitchen Window Series

Photograph 1: “Kitchen Window” series; Black and white.


Location: Clearwater, Florida

Photograph 1 was shot using a Wista RF 4×5 large format camera (Main Image) using a 135mm lens. It was processed in my darkroom using a Beseler 45 MX II enlarger (Below).


Photograph 2: Beseler 45MX II black and white enlarger.


Photograph 3: “Kitchen Window” series; color comparison.

Photograph 3, 4, and 5 was shot with a Canon EOS Mark III using a 35 mm lens.


Photograph 4: “Kitchen Window” series; Alternate view of basketball court.

Kitchen Window 5

Photograph 5: “Kitchen Window” series; Alternate view of structure.

Kitchen Window 50mm

Photograph 6: “Kitchen Window” series using a 50mm lens.


Photograph 7: “Kitchen Window” series – Interdimensional View using a 50mm lens.

Addison Apel-2

Photograph 8: “Kitchen Window” series – Actor Addison Apel using a 50mm lens.


Photograph 9: “Kitchen Window” series – Shannon Moore relaxing. 50mm lens.

July 15 BBQ-1

Photograph 10: “Kitchen Window” series – Julie Davis enjoying a nice summer day in the shade. July 15, 2018 BBQ 50mm lens.

July 15 BBQ-2

Photograph 11: “Kitchen Window” series – Julie Davis enjoying a nice summer day in the backyard. July 15, 2018 BBQ 50mm lens.

July 15 BBQ-4

Photograph 12: “Kitchen Window” series – Tom FerraroJulie Davis watch David Vogel text. July 15, 2018 BBQ 50mm lens.

July 15 BBQ-6Photograph 13: “Kitchen Window” series – Russ Isles iwating for burgers. July 15, 2018 BBQ 50mm lens.

July 15 BBQ-7

Photograph 14: “Kitchen Window” series – Russ Isles wating for chicken wings. July 15, 2018 BBQ 50mm lens.

July 15 BBQ-8

Photograph 15: “Kitchen Window” series – Julie Davis and Ivan Petric having a cold Heineken. July 15, 2018 BBQ 50mm lens.

July 15 BBQ-10

Photograph 16: “Kitchen Window” series – Julie DavisIvan Petric, Babs WeissRuss IslesTom Ferraro group photograph. July 15, 2018 BBQ 50mm lens.

July 15 BBQ-12

Photograph 17: “Kitchen Window” series – The party continues. July 15, 2018 BBQ 50mm lens.

July 15 BBQ-13

Photograph 18: “Kitchen Window” series – Having a good time. July 15, 2018 BBQ 50mm lens.

Maxy Melrose in Kitchen Window 3-1

Model/Actess Maxy Melrose getting ready for her starring role in the Horror Scream – The Invitation – Directed by Andrew Michael Kranz.