Action! On the Set of “Time Out of Time”

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Written and Photographed By – Randy Corn

Randall Photography

On Satuday July 7th I was transported to a movie set at Leo’s Italian Grill in Palm Harbor, FL. 

Leos Italian Grill

Leos Italian Grill 2

The producion – Time Out of Time (2018) was written and directed by Chuck Durbin.

IMDB Synpopsis: Dr. George Von Hammond creates a time displacement that allows him to travel back in time. Everyone wants to get their hands on it, so he travels in time trying to hide. But he’s being chased there too.

-David Vogel 4

Left:  Chuck Durbin goes over the next scene with veteran actor David Vogel.

Chuck Durbin

Director Chuck Durbin, “Action!”

On the set Time Out of Time

I was invited to help out as a sound tech. Cool! hal-icon

Leo Karruli

Leo was nice enough to help Ivan out. The panels were needed to block the light for the bar scene.

Leo Karruli sign

Leo is running for State Senate District 16. 

Leo Karruli 2

Leo works while Chuck gets ready to direct the next scene.

Chuck Durbin on the set

Director Chuck Durbin discusses the script with actress Heather Johannesen as cinematographer John Durbin prepares for the shoot. 

-Heather Johannesen 4

Amber-Kelsey, Tom Ferraro, and Heather Johannesen starring in Time Out of Time.
-Heather Johannesen 2
Clint Alexander 3
Actor Clint Alexander
Clint Alexander 2
Clint Alexander and Eddie Baltodano

This blog is still being updated. Stay tuned for more photographs and video.


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