A 4th of July Walk in Clearwater

Studying Joel Meyerowitz’s photography incited my street curiosity. A casual walk around my neighborhood in search of new photographs that document life in Clearwater, Florida on July 4, 2018.

Clearwater Neighborhood Life Series

Clearwater 4th of July-1.jpg

The curious come out to see the photographer. I wave, smile and move on.

Clearwater 4th of July-3

It’s a nice day for walking the dogs.

Clearwater 4th of July-4

I found many neighbors displaying the flag today.

Clearwater 4th of July-5

Speed Humps. It’s a good thing I’m walking. 

Clearwater 4th of July-7

Summer fun as a kid.

Clearwater 4th of July-8

Nothing like a water plaything making a day of summertime fun. 

Clearwater 4th of July-9

A big shade tree.

Clearwater 4th of July-2

More Speed Humps.

Clearwater 4th of July-10

A green fence.

Clearwater 4th of July-11

Up close.

Clearwater 4th of July-12

Makes me sweat just watching them do yard work in the heat of the day. 

Clearwater 4th of July-13

Red, white clouds and a blue sky for the stars and stripes. 

Clearwater 4th of July-16

Neighbors show their patriotism. 

Clearwater 4th of July-15

The Stars and stripes waving in the summer breeze.

Clearwater 4th of July-18

The Flag of the United States of America flying in Clearwater, Florida on July 4, 2018.

Clearwater 4th of July-20

Bird on a wire.

Take to the streets and learn photography from Joel Meyerowitz himself with his Master Photography course.

Joel Meyerowitz’s Street Photography Course

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